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2021.09.20 HEATERLESS

Kusano Farm: “Manure processing is the key to success in dairy farming.”

Every winter I was depressed by the sight of compost.

After processing materials in a rotary fermenter, they turned over compost in a blower deposition house, as a form of secondary fermentation.

In the past, they had introduced a large drying machine, and invested huge sums of money in manure processing equipment.

Mr. Kusano made capital investments for composting that seemed to be perfect.

Regardless, when winter came around, temperature did not rise from the start of fermentation, and he had difficulties.

When bad weather lasts too long, they cannot spread compost on fields, and the high moisture content, so it is impossible to deposit compost very high. This resulted in compost often overflowing from facilities.

A tour gave the push to make the choice

“I was convinced when I saw how my acquaintances were doing things after they introduced Heaterless.”

He told us that other dairy farmers introduced Heaterless and fermentation went well, so he immediately went to do inspection.

Even in winter, high moisture cow manure was fermented at high temperature, so Mr. Kusano canceled the planned introduction of other equipment, and decided to introduce a Heaterless system immediately.

He decided to install the system by connecting a Heaterless hot air blower to the existing piping of a rotary stirrer.

High temperature fermentation started, and steam came out of the entire fermenter

“Until now, steam didn’t come out of the rotary in winter. Now it does high temperature fermentation, and steam comes out of the whole fermenter.”

Until now, no matter how much turning over they did, they could only make sticky compost, so they couldn’t use it as return compost. Now they can deposit compost higher, so they can distribute compost to neighboring farmers in good condition.

There was a huge amount of compost in the large compost depot, but the odor was no problem at all.

Previously they bought 7 large dump trucks of sawdust, but after introducing Heaterless, they dried more compost, and only purchased 4 dump trucks of sawdust, so it helped to reduce cost.

If you do not consider the environment and hygiene, you will not be able to manage your business in the future

“Heaterless starts up quickly. If even high moisture cow manure can produce such great results, I think other materials will produce sufficient results. Heaterless has reduced our concerns about composting in winter. I look forward to composting in spring.”

Mr. Kusano says that raising livestock is difficult but interesting.

Composting is an especially important issue for dairy farmers, because it has a major impact on the bodies, feeding, and management of cattle.

He told us “If you do not consider the environment and hygiene, you will not be able to manage your business in the future.” It seems that he considers relationships with the community and acquaintances as more important than anybody else does.

Mr. Kusano has toured various places to study management styles that suit him.

Composting does not end with simply introducing a new machine.

He told us that it is very important to be aware that you are managing compost properly.

Miraie will continue to do everything it can to provide support that goes beyond mere maintenance.

Kusano Farm is a ranch with 100 breeding dairy cows, on a mountaintop with an excellent view of surrounding terraced fields in northern Nagasaki Prefecture.

This is a region with a high altitude, and in the winter cold winds blow, with the temperature dropping below freezing.

Its representative Mr. Yoshiteru Kusano runs the ranch with his daughter Aiko. Aiko started farm work after graduating from an agricultural college, and has already been at work for 10 years.

This time, we asked them about the process that led them to introduce Heaterless in just about two months after inquiring about it.