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2021.08.27 VOICE

Kimobetsu Garbage Recycling Facility: “Works even in cold regions.  Forming a recycling oriented society for small local governments.”

Recycling our own garbage with our own hands

Norikazu Kawada, Residential Affairs Division, Kimobetsu Town Hall

Previously, a food recycling center jointly processed garbage from four neighboring municipalities.

However, we were told that processing would become impossible because of the machinery aging. We believed that Kimobetsu Town “should take responsibility for processing garbage as the municipal government”. Therefore, we decided to promote independent recycling with composting.

Currently, we also accept and process garbage from the neighboring municipality of Rusutsu.

Does not take much effort, and reduces foul odors

When planning facilities, it is very important to earn the understanding of local residents.

Not only staff from the town hall, but also local residents toured other facilities that had introduced EasyJet, and were convinced, “with this we can operate without foul odors”. As such, we started construction rather smoothly.

We have never heard complaints from nearby residents, and actually they cannot smell an ammonia odor inside the actual facility.

There are no complex attached facilities, so we have reduced initial costs considerably. This really helps, because it does not take much time to do operations on site.

With the introduction of these facilities, more connections were made with the community

In this region, the temperature is very low in winter. While we recorded temperatures of -32˚ C this winter, we are still able to do composting in 42 days reliably throughout the year.

In the winter when compost cannot be scattered, compost generated is used on site as return compost. Moisture in the finished compost is stable, and we have never restricted acceptance.

By introducing these facilities, we were able to make use of local bark, secure employment opportunities, and distribute composts to residents free of charge, making connections with the community. That is quite a big change.

Many local residents come to pick up compost in the spring, so we can smoothly compost 300 tons of garbage annually, and are able to return the full volume to the region.

Building a recycling oriented society even in small local governments

We hope that this will be cause to recycle all sorts of garbage from the community, including not only raw garbage, but sludge and other sorts.

If we use our garbage as compost and become a facility that is crucial to the community, then composting facilities will be a more familiar fixture to the local residents.

Our real hope is to make a facility that is highly appreciated by locals.

Kimobetsu Town Hall

Kimobetsu Town is in a region of Hokkaido with very heavy snowfall, that has an average annual temperature of about 6˚ C. We visited where Kimobetsu recycles garbage from their own residents and those of the neighboring town of Rusutsu, and spoke to the staff in charge.

Mr. Kawada tells us “In the past, each household disposed of their garbage on their own.”

Our awareness of garbage has changed, as we will use our own garbage as compost. We were told that this would make it possible to make good compost naturally.

We at Miraie strongly felt that our true role is to help return compost to the community, rather than simply making compost.