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2021.10.17 EASYJET

Saving labor in compost processing of pig manure (Introduced to:  J Farm)

PlaceIbaraki Prefecture
Processed MaterialPig manure
OverviewUsing high pressure aeration to compost pig manure in a short period and at low cost.
Increase processing amount 1Increased processing amount by expanding the compost shed.
Increase processing amount 2By introducing high pressure aeration, it became possible to do composting in a shorter period of time than with conventional processing methods, and furthermore saved space, thereby increasing the processing amount.
Raise fermentation temperatureHigh pressure aeration has made it possible to maintain high fermentation temperatures year round.
Improve compost qualityBy supplying oxygen to every part of the materials, they were able to improve the quality of compost.

We have delivered EasyJet to J Farm, a pig farm in the Kanto region, and report an overview here.

J Farm ships 17,000 pigs per year.

With consideration for the surrounding environment, they decided to introduce EasyJet, because it does not require turning over of compost and reduces the generation of foul odors.

The main reasons for introduction are that EasyJet requires little labor and low cost, but still enables production of high quality compost. This farm has introduced many pieces of equipment for recycling various types of biomass resources, and has made great efforts towards recycling local resources. Production of high quality compost is essential for them to promote permanent recycling.

In preparation for this introduction, we got various advice from local government agencies, as well as support for promotion.

Introduction area is 450 m2, and rice husks and return compost are mixed with pig manure, then deposited on EasyJet.

Shortly after compost is deposited, the fermentation temperature rises to just under 80˚ C, and fermentation is complete in a certain number of days. It is possible to do very efficient compost production without the hard work of turning over compost.

Compost on the 7th day after the start of fermentation

As fermentation progresses, compost turns black, as shown in the image. There is no turning over of compost, reducing the spread of foul odors, and as fermentation progresses to this point, odor has mostly disappeared.

Miraie supports production of high quality compost. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.