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2021.10.08 EASYJET

Case of composting food waste in a cold region – Aomori Prefecture (Introduced to: Aomori Prefecture)

PlaceAomori Prefecture
Processed MaterialFood waste (general waste)
OverviewEasyJet was installed in a garbage composting facility in a cold region, improving temperature and other aspects of fermentation.

Composting facility in a cold region

At this facility in Aomori Prefecture, materials are shredded and mixed in the material reception pit building, then composted while being turned over in the fermentation tank.


・the composting period is long

・and the fermentation temperature does not rise. Processing becomes unstable in winter.

・The amount processed is increasing gradually, but the facility has reached its limit

In response to these issues, they had tried to make various innovations such as different methods of operation, but they had not yet found a solution for the fundamental problem.

Therefore, we proposed a method of installing EasyJet in one of the three compost sheds.

Based on this, we had our customers inspect the same type of facility, and consider introducing our system.

Our company often does construction while facilities are still in operation. This time too, we shortened the work period on-site for construction, so that operations on-site could continue unhindered as much as possible.

This is the site after the start of use.

Because it was installed in the winter and started to use in the cold season, but the temperature rose smoothly from the start of operation.

In winter, the outside temperature falls below -10˚ C, but the fermentation temperature still rises to about 70˚ C.

Once compost is deposited, the temperature rises, treatment conditions are stable.

At this facility, we proposed more efficient methods of operation, such as the optimal auxiliary materials and blending ratios, and provide continuous support.