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2021.09.25 EASYJET Jr.

Manufacturing homemade compost on farms (Introduced to: N Industrial)

Placebaraki Prefecture
Processed Material and AmountChicken manure, sawdust, etc. 10 to 20 tons/month
OverviewIn this case, homemade compost used in on the company’s own farm.
Save laborUsing EasyJet Jr., it became possible to efficiently produce compost by saving labor involved in intensive turn over work.
Improve compost qualityProper aeration improved the quality of their compost.

N Industrial is one of the largest tea-making companies in the prefecture. It grows tea leaves at its company farms, and does integrated production, including processing, manufacture, and packaging of tea leaves.

They use compost as fertilizer on their farms, with a unique blend of organic materials. However, they were troubled by the amount of work involved in turning over compost.

Therefore, they introduced EasyJet Jr. to save labor and improve compost quality by delivering enough oxygen to the materials instead.

The company deposits materials on the composting platform to compost them.

The materials are a unique blend of wood and chicken manure.

They are deposited to a height of about 1 meter.

EasyJet Jr. is inserted like this to deliver air where it is needed.

After blowing in air for a period of time, it can be inserted in other places to promote fermentation.

Once fermentation is complete, the color turns brown as shown in this photo, and the compost becomes smooth. The odor also changes to that of compost.

This method saves labor that would be done turning over the compost with heavy machinery, so it is effective for doing compost production in tight spaces.

Five EasyJet Jr.’s are enough to blow about 10 m3 of compost, but they can be used to produce a large amount of compost by changing the air blowing position after blowing in one position for a certain period of time.

EasyJet Jr.’s can also easily be added later to expand production.