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2021.09.19 HEATERLESS

Reduced bedding cost with return compost (Introduced to: Ranch Y)

By introducing high pressure aeration, the processing amount was increased drastically. Reduced the electricity bill for aeration

PlaceKumamoto Prefecture
Processed Material and AmountDairy cow manure, raising 120 adult cows
OverviewThey are using a self-propelled rotary and blower, but the temperature does not rise in winter. They want to use the compost as return compost

Measures and Effects

Ranch Y is located about 600 meters above sea level, and raises 120 dairy cows bred in a harsh environment where the temperature is -10˚ C in winter.

They used to use rotary and blower aeration to process compost, but the auxiliary materials they used became unavailable, and the compost would not ferment properly in winter.

The cost of sawdust had shot up in recent years, so they wanted to reuse their compost as return compost. Therefore, they introduced a Heaterless hot air blower that works with existing piping.

They were worried that cow beds would be cold, but after introducing Heaterless, the compost temperature rose and they became able to use it as return compost.