We have various proposals according to processing volume and cost

Garbage Bag Sorting Device (MMS552)

Instantly crushes and sorts foreign matters before composting (removal rate of 99.6%).

  • Processing Capacity: 4 m3/hour
  • Electric Capacity: 5.5 kW

Small-scale Material Mixing Device (fixed rate supply device)

Materials can be input from different loaders before composting.
With the transportation device (sold separately) attached, materials can be automatically transported and discharged after mixing.

  • Processing Capacity: 0.5 – 3 m3/time

Mushroom Bed Crushing And Sorting Device (with MMCM5 conveyor)

Foreign matters are instantly crushed and sorted before composting.
With the fixed rate supply device (sold separately) attached, it is capable of automatic loading.

  • Processing Capacity:
    2.5 kg culture media, 450 pieces/hour
    1.2 kg culture media, 600 pieces/hour

Semi-automatic Bagging Device

Semi-automatically bags compost.
Helps increase sales revenue from compost.

  • Processing Capacity: 40 – 60 bags/hour
  • Size: 2,500 × 1,960 × 1,940 mm

Sorting Conveyor

By controlling the conveyor, processed materials are transported to multiple fermenters.

  • Processing Capacity: 1 – 20 m3/hour