Processed material mixer


Reduces cost 90% by automating difficult mixing work.

Automates compost mixing work.
Mixes quickly, reducing electricity costs by 90% or more.

Can quickly and evenly mix materials with different specific densities, as well as polymer sludge, which is difficult to do with heavy machinery.
Grains 2 to 10 mm in length form, increasing the surface area, and shortening fermentation of mixtures.
Has an installation space similar to a single car, helping to save space.
Its simple structure makes it corrosion resistant, durable, and usable for many years.
Dramatically improves the productivity of composting facilities.
Mixes large amounts of materials quickly and evenly.
It is also effective for troublesome mixing of sludge.
Can evenly mix polymer sewage sludge.

Processing Capacity 3 m3/time (One time mixing and discharging lasts 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the properties of the materials. Can also do continuous mixing operation in combination with a fixed rate supply device.)
Electric Capacity 3-phase 200 V (50/60 Hz) 5.5 kW
Dimensions Width 2,140 × Depth 5,000 × Height 2,670 (mm) excluding input parts
Product Features

The mixture has a spongy texture and a large surface area, making it perfect for aerobic fermentation.

Drastically reduces costs by saving power used for preparation work. Makes electric bills cheaper, reducing facility operating costs.
It allows input with heavy machinery (loaders), so there is no need for a supply hopper as in a conventional mixer.
It can be installed in tight spaces, so it is possible to reduce facility floor area. 

Differences from mixing with heavy machinery

The “preparation work” of mixing materials with auxiliary materials is essential to composting, but mixing with heavy machinery takes time and money. When mixing with heavy machinery, sewage sludge and food sludge in particular enter a state of concretion, and the inner material is anaerobically fermented, extending the period of composting and generating foul odors.

By introducing C-MODE, it is possible to mix materials quickly and uniformly, shortening the period of composting and reducing foul odors.

C-MODE video

Download the file below for detailed information about C-MODE.

C-MODE case