7 times the removal capacity of conventional biological deodorization

Biological Deodorization System

We use new technology to significantly reduce highly concentrated foul odors from livestock manure and industrial waste treatment facilities.
Microorganisms are fixed at high concentration, to remove foul odors that cannot easily be removed.
Performance, cost, and installation area are common issues in conventional deodorization technology.
Miraie’s porous glass deodorizer is capable of solving all of these problems.
When foul odor gases such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide are passed through porous glass material (which has countless fine holes), microorganisms fixed in the fine holes decompose the foul odor gases, removing foul odors.
They can also be used to replace equipment in existing facilities.

Odor-decomposing bacteria quickly decompose odors

Odor generated from facilities is sent to the deodorizing tank with blowers.
Porous glass material is deposited in the deodorizing tank, and microorganisms fixed on this material decomposes the foul odor, then releases the deodorized air.
Glass foams must be watered in order to maintain activity of microorganisms, but this is a water circulation system, so costs are low, and chemicals are not needed.
Also, porous glass does not deteriorate easily, so it does not need to be replaced for a long time.

  Typical Biological Deodorization Miraie
Deodorization Time 120 seconds 30 seconds
Max Load (ammonia equivalent)  4000ppm 3,000ppm
Base Replacement Frequency 6 months 10 years

Can even handle these foul odors

Effective for deodorization of organic substances (plant and animal odors). Microorganisms decompose and deodorize foul smelling gases, such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Pig Manure Pig Farming Shipments 4,000 – 600,000 head/year
Chicken Manure Egg Laying Chicken Farming
Beef Cattle Manure Fertilizer Company/Overseas
Dairy Cattle Manure Dairy
Pulp Paper Making Company
Sludge, Garbage, Food Scraps Industrial Waste Disposal
Wood, Food Scraps Industrial Waste Disposal
Sludge Industrial Waste Disposal
Food Scraps Industrial Waste Disposal
Sludge Recycling Facility
Food Scraps  Trading Company