A composter that does not require cross cutting

“EasyJet” high pressure aeration system

This deposition composter uses high pressure aeration, completely different from heavy machinery and blowers.
This drastically cuts labor and cost needed for composting.

It prevents clogging with a special nozzle, and aerates compost at 50 times higher pressure than a blower, making oxygen penetrate deep inside.
It also eliminates the need for turning over, drastically reducing labor costs and fuel costs.
This makes it possible to reduce foul odors and do composting quickly.
It even does high pressure fermentation in cold regions with temperatures as low as -30˚ C, demonstrating stable performance year round.
It can be installed in existing facilities and do composting year round with less clogging.

This aerator blows air at 50 times higher pressure than a blower, supplying oxygen evenly throughout the compost material.

Size Diameter 20 mm, Length 2 m (each)
Processing Capacity  Processing Volume 0.5 m3/day – 200 m3/day or more
Electric Capacity Varies according to processing capacity

Product Features

EasyJet is an unprecedented aeration technology that blows air into compost material at 50 to 100 times higher pressure than a blower.
It supplies oxygen needed for fermentation evenly to all the compost material, so there is not uneven aeration.
It rarely has clogs, greatly reducing the labor needed for turning over, and aerobic fermentation continues even in the middle of winter, improving the quality of compost.


Application 1: Winter Countermeasures

High pressure aeration with EasyJet can make improvements in many cases, such as compost depots without blowers, or compost depots trouble by clogged blowers. By rapidly raising fermentation temperature, it is possible to increase the amount of compost processed annually.
Download the file below for detailed information about winter countermeasures and fermentation temperature heating using EasyJet.

The answer to how to raise productivity is in “Winter Countermeasures” (PDF format)

Application 2: Foul Odor Countermeasure

Changing the aeration method has proven very effective in solving the problem of foul odors. EasyJet forcibly supplies oxygen with high pressure aeration, promoting aerobic fermentation even in materials with poor aerability, and reducing the generation of foul odors.
Download the file below for detailed information about foul odor countermeasures using EasyJet.

The point of foul odor countermeasures lies in improvement of initial fermentation (PDF format)

Application 3: Higher drying capacity of the rotary/scoop tank

By adding EasyJet to the floor of a rotary or scoop fermentation tank, it is possible to raise the fermentation temperature and improve drying capacity. It can maintain a high, stable temperature even in winter, making it perfect for increasing the capacity of fermentation tanks.
Download the file below for detailed information about improving drying capacity using EasyJet.

Solves the “moisture problem” of rotary tanks and scoop tanks (PDF format)


Download the file below for detailed information about EasyJet.