“EasyJet Jr.” portable aerator

This high pressure aerator is both light and portable. It can be inserted anywhere to do aeration.

Size Diameter 10 mm × Length 1.5 m
Processing Capacity A set of 5 can aerate 5 – 10 m3 of materials

Product Features

With EasyJet Jr., all you need to do is insert the stick-shaped device into the part you want to turn over!

It blows high pressure air from the special nozzle at the tip of the device, spreading air evenly to every part of the compost, and producing the same effect as turning over.

At small-scale composting facilities, it solves the problem of inadequate aeration, and eliminates need for turning over, helping to save power.

Put moisturized materials in a flexible container bag or other receptacle, then insert EasyJet Jr.

The receptacle can be shipped as it is after fermentation.

Insert EasyJet Jr. when and where you want to turn over.

Proper aeration can shorten the fermentation period. It also helps to reduce generation of foul odors.

Assembly is so easy anyone can do it

EasyJet Jr. comes packaged with its own pipes and connecting pipes.

The connector is a touch tube, so it can be inserted by hand.

No tools are necessary.

Just connect it to your compressor and you can start using it right away.

Click the image below for product overview files.

EASYJET Jr. case