Fermentation and Drying in Winter

Heaterless Hot Air Blower

Warm air facilitates composting in winter.
This device dries materials quickly with blower piping.

It uses air friction to generate +40˚ C hot air for the same electricity rate.
It has high static pressure, so it can also handle viscous materials.
It can also be connected to existing blowers.
It secures stable air flow to dry materials quickly.

Heaterless Hot Air Blower

For winter countermeasures in compost facilities. Heats outside air +40˚ C!
High pressure air blowing makes it perfect to heat and dry highly viscous materials

Power Supply
(3-phase AC 200 V)
Max Flowrate3.4㎥/min~12.8㎥/min
Max Static Pressure 40kPA
Air TemperatureOutside temperature +40˚ C
Noise Level 92 dB  With soundproof Specifications 75 db

Advantages of Introduction

This device reduces time necessary, by raising fermentation temperature quickly and increasing the amount of compost processed.

Product Features

  •  It does not use a heater, so warm air can be generated without affecting the electricity bill.
  • It has various applications, such as heating compost materials and finishing drying of compost.
  • 40 kPa high pressure aeration (max static pressure). Dries even viscous materials.
  • Equipped with casters so it can be transported.
  • Warm air is generated less than a minute after startup.
  • It can also be connected to a blower.

It has no heater, saving energy.

Download the file below for detailed information about heaterless hot air blowers.