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Miraie is a manufacturer of recycling equipment focused on composting

Solve all your composting problems with one-stop support

We offer total support to customers who are troubled by composting or foul odors, and strive to strengthen production systems in order to improve customers’ productivity. Miraie also makes proposals in response to requests from customers, with our own technical skills and support.



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Composting Plant

Realizing both odor control and labor saving

Based on our accumulated data, we have built a system that enables customers to continue stable operations.
Miraie uses its technology and know-how to solve problems in composting facilities, including foul odors, poor fermentation, and running costs.

Composting Plant

Biological Deodorization System

7 times higher removal capacity compared to conventional biological deodorization

Using new technology to significantly reduce highly concentrated foul odors from livestock manure and industrial waste treatment facilities.
It fixes microorganisms at high concentration, to remove foul odors that cannot easily be removed.

Deodorization: Biological Deodorization System


Composting that does not require turning over

A sedimentary composting machine using high pressure aeration, which is totally different from heavy machinery and blowers. It significantly reduces labor and costs required for composting.

Composting: EasyJet

EasyJet Jr.

Portable aerator

The device used by inserting a light weight stainless steel pipe with a special nozzle into the part to be composted.

Composting: EasyJet Jr.


Fermentation and drying equipment for winter

Warm air facilitates composting in winter.
Uses blower piping to dry raw materials in a short time.

Composting: Drier


Uniformly mixes raw materials with different specific densities in a short time

Automates compost mixing work.
Reduces costs by 90% or more with fast mixing and lower electricity bills.

Mixer: C-Mode

Ancillary Equipment

We offer various proposals suited to the processing volume and cost.

Composting: Ancillary Equipment


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